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A branding and website design studio for creatives who are ready to remove a few hats and ditch the DIY to refocus on running their business.

You have the passion, commitment, and talent to drive your small business. You’ve put in the time and watched all of the Youtube videos, and you’re beyond proud of what you’ve accomplished but…you are SO ready to remove a few hats and partner with a designer. 

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design for makers and creators, and those used to doing things themselves.

You have done the DIY route, you value having your hands on all parts of your business, and don’t take the decision to hire third parties lightly. I get it – same here! 

Our strategic approach to branding and website design will give you the goods to attract your ideal clients and customers, while giving you the confidence that your branding and website matches up, allowing you to charge a premium for your good or service. 

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Brand Designer for female business


Grounded in strategy, together we will create a brand identity that you are finally proud to stand behind.

Website Design

Grounded in strategy, together we will create a website that you are finally proud to stand behind.


Video is the most fun. Brand Identity Films to Content Creation Packs let’s make your business come alive!

Website Designer in Michigan

cheers! meet the maker behind northland design studio

If you’re a self-made creative business owner, we’re cut from the same cloth. Hi, I’m Rebecca, the founder and creator behind Northland Design Studio. I made the leap from corporate life to self-employed designer life. When I started, I knew very little about designing. Through hard work, many many projects, (and yes, lots of YouTube videos), my business has evolved to serving those most like me. Those “wear all the hats”, learn as you go, flying by the seat of your pants types who love to serve their clients and customers to the highest level.

my design style is a little bit organic, a little bit elevated, and oftentimes a bit unconventional

I love going against the grain and creating with a desire to stand apart. If this is you too, let’s create together!

Let's create together.

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