We are a Great Lakes Based Web + Digital Design Studio

We are all about minimalism, bold design, and impactful imagery. Our design philosophy is simple but statement worthy, and we believe that a good design has to be coupled with effective solutions, and an exceptional client experience.

Welcome to Northland Web + Digital, a unique, full-service web design and digital design studio. We specialize in responsive dynamic web design, and creative print and packaging design. We are a small business, who loves to work with other small businesses. Interested in working together? Contact us!

A Word From Rebecca |
Designer, Owner

I grew up in Northern Michigan and now live in Detroit. I love everything about the great lakes state. A huge part of where I find my design inspiration comes from both the natural world of my upbringing and the artistic modern aesthetic found in the city.

The changing Michigan seasons bring a fresh perspective on what is becoming old, and inspire in new ways each time around. The buildings, the people, and the culture within the city are unique, with a story to share or an inspiration to be found. 

I love seeking inspiration around me and living a full rich life to allow the creation of something meaningful that both my clients and I respect and love.

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