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a branding and website design studio with a soft spot for the unconventional

Website Designer for Yoga Studio

Hiya! I'm Rebecca, founder and creative director of Northland Design Studio

Welcome and thank you for being here. I started Northland Design Studio after spending many years in a corporate setting as a CPA. I always tell people I could only make my excel sheets so creative which drove me to explore a more creative line of work that still had technical aspects and problems to solve. Insert website design and development. I am fully self taught in both branding and web design and have learned loads along the way. I am a firm believer in one of the best ways to learn is through doing. 

My desire is to help other small business owners create a brand and online presence that they are proud of, that embodies the soul of their business, and one that stands apart. 

when not at my computer you will find me with my husband and our two kiddos outside exploring or in the kitchen creating our next meal.

I am all about the unconventional work life. Most of my days are spent with two small toddlers at my feet, jumping on my computer during naptime, wrapping up emails after bedtime and I do believe that we can have it all

I am thankful for this business in that it has allowed me to nurture both fellow business owners and my own family.

The soul of the studio...

I believe in the tangible | a brand or website you are proud to stand behind. And the intangible | a business buddy, and abundance of learning, and ongoing friendship.

I don’t want the building of a brand or website to be intimidating or something that feels unachievable. I am the same as my clients, maybe it’s working with small people under my desk, maybe it’s working unconventional hours, or maybe you also desire to do all the things yourself.

I know what its like. I build brands and websites for women who are my peers (maybe in business success, or maybe in season of life). I value efficiency and a stellar client experience, but the ridgidity of my process (it’s there for a reason), doesn’t overpower the friendship I have with my clients at the end of a project.

Consider me your sounding board. During our calls we might venture into your process flow of your fulfillment of orders and I can offer advice or other first hand experience. Not sure how to incorporate a certain tool you use? Let’s talk about it. My role is unique in that I have worked with many business owners and have gotten to touch the surface of a lot of tools and I want to share that with you.

I am a 5, wing 4 on the Enneagram (iykyk). As far as the wing goes, basically I have all of the *creative* and *desire to be unique* traits (none of the emotive ones). I love for things to feel out of the norm, set apart and for that to be reflected in my design style. When a client comes to me and says I want my brand to feel different from my competitors, my heart sings!

ready to do it?

Are you feeling all tingly with excitement and you want to learn more? Let’s chat biz and create something beautiful.

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