Now scheduling Summer 2024 and beyond!

Now scheduling January 2024 and beyond!

Hiya friend!

I’m Rebecca, founder and creative director of Northland Creative

It has taken me a long time to fully come into myself as a designer. I started in a corporate world, in an unrelated field, but have always been creative and artistic finding various ways to express that through my upbringing and early adulthood. 

Through the circuitous route to opening Northland and forward to it’s current state I have continued to evolve in both my client base and design style. 

With two young kids, I am all about the unconventional work life. Most of my days are spent with two small toddlers at my feet, jumping on my computer during naptime, wrapping up emails after bedtime and I do believe that we can have it all

My design style is organic, minimal, and a little bit of grunge if I can sneak it in! 

Why working with me is different…

You get my undivided attention

I schedule out projects so I am only working with 1 or 2 clients at a time. That way I can live and breath your brand or website fully.  I know you are ready to get your design launched ASAP and by minimizing the amount of projects going on, this allows for the most efficient use of everyones time (win! win!). 

It always starts with strategy

I want (read: need) to know the why and the what behind your business. Each project begins with a detailed strategy session before the laptop is even opened. We all love a brand or website that looks good, but when it has purposeful design decisions behind it, it makes the end result all the more impactful and sustainable. 

Hey Mom, I'ma mom!

You have little people always always climbing on your back while you are working at your computer, or little hands that just need to be included. Same here. I’m that work-from-home-stay-at-home-mom who prefers to be with my kids as much as possible while still running and growing a business. Because I do believe that we can have it all and love to support others on that same quest. 

The soul of the studio…

I believe in the tangible | a brand or website you are proud to stand behind. And the intangible | a business buddy, and abundance of learning, and ongoing friendship.

It’s time to stop doing it all yourself and bring your business some life.

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